January 2012

Wisdom, Knowledge and Belief [videorecording] How are we to evaluate the revelations found in different religions and spiritual traditions? The second Object of the Theosophical Society is “to encourage the comparative study of religion, philosophy, and science.” Implicit in this approach is an open mind free from the restrictions of dogmatism. According to Dr. Brooks, Theosophical epistemology states that “Truth is not the exclusive possession of any one religion or group but is the common heritage of all serious seekers for it in all times and in all cultures.” Another basic assumption of Theosophical epistemology is that “all truth is accessible to anyone who develops the powers to perceive it; ultimate truth is not accessible only to a chosen few, as many of the world’s theologians claim.”

The Yoga of Beauty A group study and discussion of Laurence Bendit’s text.

Depression: The Dark Night of the Personality It is our responsibility to be happy!  But for those who suffer depression, this can be especially difficult during the dark months of winter.  Rozi Ulics will present a Theosophical perspective on the experience of depression, and suggests that if it is treated at the level of the personality, depression can become an opportunity for profound spiritual transformation.

Justice in the Here and Now:  Justice, Karma and Forgiveness  Bill Katzenstein will lead a discussion with an overview of how major religious traditions and Theosophical scholars have treated the relationship between justice, karma and forgiveness, and emergent differences and issues.

February 2012

Shirley Nicholson. The Mystery of Consciousness [Video] In this talk, one of our leading contemporary Theosophists, Shirley Nicholson, explores the mystery behind the ambiguous nature of consciousness. 2001.

In the Beginning Starting with the creation and nature of our universe, Julia Rogers will move on to a discussion of ourselves, the human kingdom. Because each of us is a part of the Universe and a reflection of it, a clear idea of the Divine Whole will help us understand our-selves.

Reincarnation Round-table. Suggested reading, Reincarnation by Annie Besant

The New Paradigm Begins  Major astrological and astronomical shifts begin in 2011-2012, some never having occurred in recorded history. Lynn Koiner will discuss these shifts –SOLAR MAX – It’s impact upon health, psychology and earth changes. Solar Max describes an 11-year cycle when the Sun reaches its peak in solar Flares. There is actually a corresponding cycle of planetary alignments that also occurs every 11 years! REGULUS CHANGES SIGNS – This Royal Star will no longer be in Leo as it enters Virgo, the sign of the working class, in 2012. Powerful men with natal or progressed planets at 29 degrees fall from power. The transiting Neptune and Transpluto are in opposition, going from 29 degrees Leo-Aquarius into their ruling signs, Virgo-Pisces. The Galactic Center changes Degrees in 2012 (27 degrees Sagittarius).

March 2012

The Constitution of Man A human being is much more than a body and a brain. Vladka Shikova will present the Theosophical understanding of man, his many vehicles and sheathes and his capacities.

Devachan  Julia Rogers will discuss how‘Death’ is not the opposite of ‘life’ but one of our human phases of living—a change from one aspect of life to another, phases following each other in a cycle of living and learning.

The Druidic Council of Trees. The Sacred Grove of the Druids contained and transmitted their wisdom. Gwendolyn Reece discusses Ogham and the trees.

How to Get Out of Trouble Psychic sensitivity and awareness offer the seeker experiences that can be enriched with never-ending surprise and joy. However, as we proceed along the pathway toward deeper spiritual understanding, such sensitivity can get us into psychic trouble, when we least expect it.   Alison Miller will share two terrifying experiences that required her to use everything that she had learned about psychic self-protection to emerge not only safe, but wiser.

Swamis Abipadananda & Jyotir Vakyananda. Karma and Causation What are the limits and possibilities of an individual lifetime? Are we bound as slaves to the effects of our past actions? The swamis will discuss what karma is, what it is not and how cultivating the attitudes of content-ment, acceptance and willing service to life can soften our relationship to karmic cause and effect.

April 2012

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky Helena Blavatsky, the chief founder of the Theosophical Society, was an amazing person—keenly intelligent, loving, crotchety, dedicated; she was a complicated person and led a complicated life.  Julia Rogers will offer not a portrait, but a few of her own favorite “HPB stories.”

Dr. Ian Stevenson and the Scientific Evidence for Reincarnation  Bill Katzenstein will give a talk on Dr. Ian Stevenson, who was a professor of Psychology at University of Virginia and devoted his life to gathering scientific evidence for the existence of Reincarnation.

Nature Spirits: Celebrating Nature’s Subtle Energies  Devas, fairy folk, and elves — these are a few of the many terms used to describe the subtle energies prevalent throughout nature.  This talk given by Lori Alaniva explores the Theosophical view of nature spirits, as perceived by psychically gifted persons and those who have chosen to sensitize themselves to the subtle energies.

Book Discussion: On Concentration by Ernest Wood.  This Theosophical classic is one of the best practical manuals for learning how to train the mind.  Attendees are encouraged to read the book before this session and be ready to share questions and insights!

May 2012

H.P.Blavatsky “Spiritual Progress”  Join us in reading and discussing this powerful article, originally published by HPB in 1885 and freely available here:

The Three Mothers  Julia Rogers honors [or ‘celebrates’] Mothers Day in her discussion of the three types of feminine power conveyed by the archetypes of Isis of Egypt, Demeter of Greece and Mary of the Christian Tradition.

Meditation  Of all the components of living the ideal Theosophical life – study, service and meditation, the latter is for most of us, the hardest hurdle to overcome.  John Cavallo will discuss why this is, when meditation requires the least amount of our time.

CLOSED.  Happy Memorial Day!

Summer (June, July, Aug, Sept) 2012

The Ocean of Theosophy by William Quan Judge, available for free at:  Please read in advance.   6/9 [Chapters 1 &2 ]; 6/23 [Chapters 3&4 ] 7/7 [Chapters 5&6 ]; 7/21 [Chapters 7&8 ]; 8/4

[Chapters 9&10]; 8/18 [Chapters 11&12 ]; 9/1 [Chapters 13&14]; 9/15 [Chapters 15&16]; 9/29 [Chapter 17

October 2012

Swamis Abipadananda & Jyotir Vakyananada— Age of Aquarius: The Whole Story A time when “peace will rule the planets, and love will rule the stars”? In this talk we’ll examine the dark side of the Aquarian Age and the pitfalls that come with a period ruled by Uranus indicating revolution and the overthrowing of the old order.

John Algeo [VIDEO] — Cracking the Gnostic Code Gnosis means spiritual knowledge while Gnosticism was an ancient, pre-Christian form of esoteric wisdom. The speaker refers to Gnostic texts collected and translated by the 19th century Theoso-phist and scholars G.R.S. Mead and shows how the Gnostics coded their wisdom into poetical, sym-bolic works that need to be “decoded” or “cracked”.

Tuncay Dantzler —The Philosophy of the Zoroastrian Religion Zoroastrianism, one of the world’s oldest religions, is a philosophic hylozoism in which matter and life are inseparate and inseparable, the unit made up of numberless units, each a manifestation of Wisdom Divine–Mazda Ahura–which is the container and common link of its two aspects. On the subjective side Zoroastrianism teaches the doctrine of emanations, on the objective that of evolu-tion. These metaphysical concepts will be explained further.

Julia Rogers — Halloween: A Festival of Lost Meanings The autumn festival was once for adults, Julia Rogers says, along with Christmas and Easter. It carried part of the symbolic picture (as imaged in the cycle of the year) of the gradual divinization of the human being —the Prodigal Son.

November 2012

Book Club The Seven Rays by Earnest Wood—please read in advance and be prepared for discussion.

John Calvello—The Seven Hermetic Principles from the Kybalion We will explore the seven hermetic principles and discuss how each one can be applied by the student in daily living. How do these 7 principles relate in Theosophy, when mentioned in our studies?

Love or Evil Grab Bag Come join us for a stimulating grab-bag of discussion related to the topics of love and evil!

Happy Thanksgiving

December 2012

Susanne Hoepfl-Wellenhofer – Initiation based on readings from Annie Besant, Rudolf Steiner and Krishnamurti, Susanne Hoepfl-Wellenhofer will present on the process known as Initiation and the requirements for disciples who have chosen this path.

Rozi Ulics — The Law of Periodicity We are immersed in rhythmic cycles constantly manifesting at every level of the universe. Everything obeys the Law of Periodicity, as it drives us towards ever higher levels of evolution.  But are we at the mercy of this law, or can we learn to consciously use cycles for the higher good?  Rozi Ulics will present the Theosophical understanding of the Law of Periodicity, and discuss ways we can become conscious of, work with, and eventually master the cycles that manifest around us.

Bill Katzenstein – Capital Punishment Bill Katzenstein will present an overview and history of capital punishment as well as HPB’s writings on the subject.  Afterwards, we will open the floor for discussion and participants will have the opportunity to express their opinion in support or against capital punishment.

Julia Rogers –The Hidden Side of Christmas In one aspect, the Christ is the creative Logos/Divine Spirit descending into matter; in another (more mystical and closer to our hearts), it is the human spirit.  Julia Rogers will discuss the cosmic Christ and the Christ potential that waits within each of us to be born.

Happy New Year!